Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is Torture!

Christine Schürrer has been convicted for murdering two children and trying to murder their mother. Going to prison is, of course, a great inconvenience for her and she's complaining about it. She's complained and managed to get a transfer from one prison to another. She's complained about not being allowed to keep her make-up and now she's at it again.

Now she complains about how she's being tortured in the prison she was moved to. She's not allowed to cook her own food and because of that she's starving. (The prison serves her food daily, it's her choice to not eat it.) She can't sleep properly, but the article I read did not say why she can't sleep. Somehow I doubt it's because the guards keep her awake intentionally. Because of that she claims that her "human rights have been deeply violated".

She's in prison for cold bloodily killing two children. It's supposed to be a punishment not a joy ride. If she has the time to figure out stupid complaints like this then she is not being punished enough.

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