Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet the meat =)

The meat is hanging for now, and my mind is full with ideas about what I can do with it. This year I'm taking a closer look at how the butchers in the US and the UK cut and use the meat since it's slightly different from how we do it. Most of all I want it to be quick and simple to cut and I don't mind cooking it longer.

I'm still a "food hoarder" and I don't want anything to go to waste. This year we don't have any dogs to feed with the left overs and I'm still wondering about what I can do with it. Mom has a fox that drops by her garden now and then and I'm wondering if we can feed it with the "dog food" this winter.

One thing is for sure, I love my meat and I love the fact that I know that the animal have had a happy free-range life. The meat bought at a store never taste as good and I'm worried about how the animal lived and was treated. Now I wish I knew someone who could help raise a couple of hens and chickens too... =P

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not according to plan...

It's slaughter time again and I've travelled back "home". (I've lived more than half my life in the city but I still see the village here I grew up as home.) My oldest son is currently unemployed and living at home and I figured that I might as well bring him so that he can work too. I couldn't have planned it better...

Well, we were back home in time. That's about it. The weather is terrible, warm and rainy for the season, and the slaughter was postponed. My son have to leave on Monday (for a meeting that's a term of his unemployment) and... we start butchering on Monday.  

Looking at the bright side, he at least got to meet his grandmother, great grandmother and lots of other relatives that we don't meet in the city. He's also connected my mother's internet to a router so that I can easily access the internet while I'm here visiting. =)