Friday, February 10, 2012

And they wonder why ....

US Marines posing with Nazi SS flag in Afghanistan
I often come across people online that wonder why people outside of the US think that Americans are stupid. All Americans are not stupid, we all know that, but media provides us with so many examples of stupid Americans that it's difficult to not be influenced.

Today's contribution to the America's Stupidest's Hall of Shame has to be the US Marines who thought that the Nazi SS flag represented "sniper scouts". How can ten (or more) adult men fail to recognize one of the world's most famous Nazi symbols?
"I don't believe that the Marines involved would have ever used any type of symbol associated the Nazi Germany military criminal organization that committed mass atrocities in WWII," Chapin said. "It's not within who we are as Marines." (Source)
Well, belief and fact are two different things aren't they? They did use the flag, it is a Nazi symbol, and they are marines. I find it very hard to believe that a whole group of military adult people can have gone through years of education, and simply living in this world, without seeing the symbol and learning what it stands for. 10 year old kids know this. It's common knowledge.

And they wonder why we get the picture that Americans are stupid.

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