Saturday, February 25, 2012


Disaster struck a week ago when our gluttonous veil tail goldfish, decided to eat the roe of another fish in the aquarium. He got stuck and it took a lot of effort on our side to get him out of the jam. We don't know how long he was stuck but the effects on him was clearly visible. His veil died, he had lost lots of scales and had cuts here and there. The first day he hid in a corner while grasping and resting. Then we realized that the other fish were picking on him and we moved them to another aquarium. This helped a lot, he quickly got more active and he started to beg for food again. The following day he had black patches and stripes all over the body and we're guessing that it's a form of bruises. I used my phone camera to film him as he swims back and forth. It's not great quality but it clearly shows how injured he is.

It's not the first disaster he lives through. During the first year we had him he got ill and as he recovered he also changed colour. We bought a golden veil tail but he turned completely white.

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