Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook Parenting

Yesterday I showed my youngest son the YouTube video of the father shooting his daughter's laptop and we had a good laugh at it. Today I'm reading how supporters the "poor girl" thinks that she will be traumatized by the whole ordeal and how what he did is a sign of "bad parenting". I think that's utter bollocks of course. The girl had shown the same amount of disrespect before, she had been warned before and she had been punished for it before. She knew the rules and she knew what the consequences would be is she broke them. It's not as if he suddenly punished her without her being warned that what she was doing was wrong.

There is one thing that makes me wonder though. You can see and hear the cars passing by in the background. This area is clearly populated and there are people moving there. Is it really legal in America to fire your gun in a populated area? Here there would be an uproar about that and he would be likely to lose his gun and license.

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