Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Political Satire

Wet diaper 9.90SEK
Carema is a company that's been in the news quite often lately. They are best known as the company that mistreats elderly to save money. On of the things they've done is to save money on adult diapers. The personal have gotten orders to change them as long between as possible, and even to weigh the diapers to see if they can get any fuller before they change it. Leaving the elderly in diapers full of faeces and urine is not the worst thing they've done, but it is something we all can relate to. No one want to go around in wet, stinky, dirty, corrosive pants.

The artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is known for her provocative art, and perhaps most of all for her "ecce homo" art where she shows Jesus as a member of the LGBT community. Now she's created a photo montage based on the Carema scandal and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. 

"Looking at the picture should feel just as disgusting as it feels for the elderly to be in their own shit. The piss diaper became a symbol of mismanagement in healthcare, Carema-diaper. You should really take this seriously", says Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin.

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