Monday, May 14, 2012


My husband is an animal lover, that's why he doesn't eat their food. It's close to impossible to get him to eat his veggies and I have stopped trying. He eats potatoes, carrots, cucumber and sometimes a lettuce leaf. That's it.
Personally I like veggies and our youngest son often join me when I'm making something special with them.

Yesterday I got hold of fantastic green asparagus and I decided to have a luxury lunch. Our youngest son wasn't at home and I looked forward to eat it all by myself. As I'm filling my plate our son comes through the door. Did I have enough for him too? Of course, he's my child, I can't deny him to eat even though he's and adult by now. Then my husband shows up and ... wants to have some too. While recovering from the shock I split my delicious lunch in three and give him a plate too. By then it wasn't enough food to call it lunch and I was just as hungry before lunch as after.

Even more shocking was that he thought it was good and decided that he could eat it again.

Now I wonder what's wrong with him and how worried I should be.

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