Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cause of Death: Woman.

Cause of Death: Woman
Cause of Death: Woman is an investigative report on violence against women. One in three women around the world is subjected to physical, sexual or some other form of violence during her lifetime. Between 2010 and 2012 we examined the situation in ten countries. In each country we met women who had survived violence and people working for change. With the help of relatives we were also able to tell the story of a woman who had been killed. You can see the result at, where you will find 150 articles from all over the world.
It's difficult to understand the mindset of those who think it's somehow "ok" to harm women. It doesn't matter if it's about a man, woman, child or animal, violence, abuse and rape is never ever "ok". 

The articles at the site is disturbing to read, but sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone. That the women and their families are sharing their stories, that other people read them, is one more step on the way of changing this world. 

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