Sunday, March 17, 2013

Of course H&M denies using "fuller-bodied" mannequins

Two "plus-sized" mannequins from Sweden has gone viral and the initial claim was that they stand in a H&M store. Something that H&M denies, and rightly so. H&M don't deal with normal body images or natural looks.

This makes some call the mannequins a hoax. However, it's not a hoax, the mannequins are real and they stand in a store, in Sweden, but it's not a H&M store.

These mannequins can be found in a Åhléns store in Malmö. Monica Hultgren is the company informant and she says:

"Our customers look different and that's why we use mannequins in different sizes. We sell much better with these mannequins in the store."
Photo  Emma Carlsson / Åhlens
Metro 2007
That Åhléns use mannequins that reflect normal bodies is nothing new. The mannequins reached the news back in 2007.

Åhléns sells clothes in all sizes and they needed mannequins that could carry the clothes.

Tina Rellos is proud of the curvy dolls.
- It is important to have mannequins that reflect all women. Every person looks different, and that is something you have the right to do.
Source: Metro

H&M could learn from Åhléns but I doubt they will. They are simply too detached from reality.

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