Sunday, February 19, 2012


Opposite Day!
Sometimes I think that you have to have the mindset of a racist to be able to see the racism. In other words, people who constantly think of racism will see it no matter if it's there or not. I noted this many years ago when an Intel ad was accused of being racist. Some of the members of the forum were furious over the racism and I had to go and look at the picture to see what it was all about. I didn't get it. I looked again and again, and I still didn't see it and by the end of it I had to ask what was so racist about it. They attacked me so badly that the admin closed the thread and deleted it. I still don't know what was so racist about it.

Dove ad
Intel ad
If I have to guess then I'd guess it's racist because the white guy is shown as weak and inferior and needs not one but six strong men to help him. He simply doesn't have what it takes and the ad ridicules him about it.

When I heard that the Dove ad was racist I thought I knew what it was about. Just look at it. The black model is a plus model. People see plus size as something negative. Well, I was wrong. Apparently the ad is racist because it gives the appearance of the skin not only becoming smoother but also paler when you use Dove.

 I don't get it.

Isn't obvious that the sample in the background have nothing to do with the skin of the models standing in front of it? The skin tone of the sample doesn't match either of them.

Maybe it's just me that's colour blind?


  1. The Intel ad you're talking about here shows six black athletes bowing down to a white obvious reference to the entire black slavery issue. Moreover, the message of the ad, according to me is that, just as the blacks made life easier for the white masters, similarly the intel processor will make computing easier for employees. Metaphors!

  2. You're proving my point Anon. You need to have a racist mind to find racism in the ads.

    No one is upset at competitions where all the athletes get into starting positions. No one sees it as if they are bowing to their masters then.

    The mind makes you see what you want to see.