Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Photoshopped Advert Banned

An advert showing actress Rachel Weisz wearing a L'Oreal Paris anti-wrinkle cream has been banned as misleading because the photograph had been digitally enhanced. Advertising watchdogs said the cosmetic firm had used post-production techniques to misrepresent what was achievable by women. (Source)

I've heard women claim that it doesn't matter if the adverts are airbrushed or not, they take for granted that it has been done. Personally I don't think it's that easy since they don't know what the model truly look like. When I imagine the picture to the right as older and having more wrinkles it still don't look at the photo to the left. How about the next pictures. Does anyone really see the picture to the right and them mentally imagine the photo to the left?

I know that I don't. My mind is too lacy to question every picture I see and reshape it, I simply take what I see for granted, unless I have a good reason to question it.

That we know it's fake doesn't help us imagine reality.

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