Sunday, March 11, 2012

Political Correctness =)

Herr Gårman
I remember reading about those who wanted to change the crosswalk signs since it's a man on the sign and no woman years ago. I labelled it "idiotic" and filed it in the loony bin.

Today I was browsing through and I was reminded of it again because there is a continuance to the story.

First of all, the sign name. It's generally called "Herr Gårman", and that's a Swedish word game. Directly translated it's "Mr Walkman", but through the word game it means "here you walk". The female version of the sign is called "Fru Gårman" (Mrs Gårman) and that kills the word game effectively.
"Perky" vs "original"

The female version of the sign have been put up in Uppsala, however, something seems to have gone wrong. The original version of the sign have been replaced by a new one with short skirts and "perky" breasts.

"The 2008 unveiling of the 'Fru Gårman' signs was preceding with a great deal of publicity after several designs were rejected for being “too feminine” and for not following the regulations that a new road sign may not erected if it could be confused with an existing design.
The Fru Gårman signs featuring the rejected design have now been taken down around Uppsala, even though there have been no official complaints from the residents. (Source)
Political correctness gone wrong gave me a well needed smile today, and an Google image search kept me smiling. =)

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