Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oops they did it again...

Aymeline Valade 
H&M Commercial
H&M have been criticised in the past for using models that are sickly skinny, and their commercials have been reported to "reklamombudsmannen" a foundation that works to raise the ethics in advertising and marketing communications.

Each time it happens H&M say something in the lines of; "We will take that into consideration in the future". However each time they turn around and do the exact same thing again.

This time it's French model Aymeline Valade that's their model and the critique is the same old song. She's too skinny, she looks unhealthy and some even say that she looks as a corpse. No one blames the model though and a quick Google search turns up loads of photos where she looks healthier.

Aymeline Valade 
by Benjamin Alexander Huseby 
Now the question is why H&M prefer to use sickly looking models over those who look healthy. They even seem to specifically make the models look that way. What's wrong with their minds?
How can they justify that they are selling "anorexia" to young women year after year.

This time their spokes person Charlotts Nemlin says:
"It is certainly regrettable if anybody has taken offense. This is an important topic that we are constantly discussing internally, we apply the criticism and will continue to discuss this for future campaigns."

Yeah, right... it's not like we've never heard that one before.

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