Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Deer People

Image by Peter Schouten
This is very interesting to me. I've always wondered about the Out of Africa theories. Not because I doubt they are well founded, but because I can't help but wonder if there is all there is to it. Why did those groups of humans or "humanoids" leave Africa and not others? Why have evolution turned us into who we are in such a "uniform" way? Why isn't there more diversity?

That Homo sapiens and Neanderthals interbred was not surprise to me and probably many others too. That  Homo sapiens and Denisovans interbred was interesting news, I had never heard of them before and it pretty much fits my way of thinking. (Yes, I know, science is not to make facts fit your own theory, but it's still interesting to see.) We also have Homo floresiensis (the Hobbit) that evolved from Homo erectus.

Now we have the Red Deer People. Much younger than the Neanderthal and Denisovans and they don't seem to have interbred with Homo sapiens. Or, maybe they did? Right now there are several theories, they are primitive early Homo sapiens isolated from other Homo sapiens, they are hybrids, they are a distinct Homo species that evolved in Asian. Either way it's interesting to see and I'm looking forward to seeing where this ends.

I think there is much more for us humans to find out about our ancestors, the other "Homos" that have existed and who we are related to or not.

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