Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hunting for Commercials

Yesterday I heard something that made me wonder if I heard what I thought I heard. Now I'm hunting for commercials to find out.

This is what happened. I was listening to the commercials on the TV while playing games on my laptop and a phrase stood out. I think I heard the McDonald's commercial use the phrase "So that children get to be children" (rough translation) or something close to it. Why it bothers me is because I'm certain I've heard it before. There was a commercial where a charity organisation were looking for people to sponsor poor children and I'm certain they used the exact same phrase.

If I'm right then McDonald's have hit an all time low.

Many things about McDonald's irritate me. Putting a box with organic milk by the hamburger in the commercial doesn't make it healthier or better in any way. Nor does showing pictures of Swedish farmers.
The list of things they do is long but the point is that they create a false picture of themselves. It's common in commercials and I dislike commercials because of it, but McDonald's are among the worst. Their food is junk, no commercial can ever change that.

Their commercials are so sneaky and slimy that it won't surprise me if I find that they are using the phrase from the charity commercial intentionally. The memory of the starving children from the charity commercial is stuck in the minds of parents and the solution is not to give money to charity but to buy their kids junk "food" from McDonald's. It's sickening.

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