Saturday, May 26, 2012


Little Gull
Gulls are beautiful birds, but... the beauty ends when they open their mouths. We have had a gull colony close to where we live for years now and the noise is overwhelming at times. I'm an animal lover and I can barely kill a fly, but there have been times when I've wished that someone would take a shotgun and ... well, scare them away.

The one day, a couple of years ago my niece followed me there and she noticed that some gulls were different. It turns out that it's Little Gulls a bird that's rare where I live. Suddenly I'm more forgiving when it comes to the noise they make, and I look forward to seeing them each spring.

The photos shows a little gull in flight, but also the branches of birches with leaves budding. Soon the world will be green again and summer will be here.

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