Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Will warning labels in DVDs stop piracy?

Pirates Beware: DVD Anti-Piracy Warning Now Twice as Fierce.
Hollywood and the federal government have partnered to create updated and even more annoying anti-piracy warnings that will be included in new home-release DVDs and Blu-ray discs beginning this week, the government said Tuesday. (Source
Everyone who actually buy their DVDs face this annoyance, the piracy warning that can't be skipped past. Great isn't it? You've done the right thing, you bought the DVD, and then you are "punished" for it by being reminded of all the pirates out there. You're also in a way reminded of the fact that pirated DVDs don't have that annoying warning and let you watch the movie of your choice undisturbed. 

Do the pirates care about such warnings? Do they care about the fact that they are breaking the law? Well... I don't think so. If they cared then they would have stopped pirating and we wouldn't have this problem. 

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