Tuesday, May 1, 2012


If a man lock a woman in his apartment and force her to have sex with him eight times, he's a rapist. If a woman locks a man in her apartment and force him to have sex with her eight times, she's a nymphomaniac. At least in Germany.
A GERMAN nymphomaniac arrested after forcing a man to have sex with her eight times has struck again - this time keeping her victim on the go for a staggering 36 HOURS. (source)
This bothers me. First of all because the woman is not seen as a rapist event hough that would be a logical conclusion. If men and women are equal. No man would ever get away with such a thing by being a sex addict or mentally ill, he'd still be a rapist.
Second because of the attitude people online have towards the news article. Many see it as a joke. Others see it as "lucky guys" having great sex.

What kind of world do we live in? How can so many have such a deranged view of reality? Those two men have been seriously violated. It's not funny. Rape and sexual abuse is not consensual, it's sexual violence. To be assaulted is not to be "lucky", just as being robbed and beat up is not "fun" or "lucky".

It's sad to say that female rapists do exist, but they do. What's even worse, is to see the attitude many have when it comes to male rape victims. The gender of a person does not make the assault and violation less horrifying.

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