Sunday, May 27, 2012

School Photos

4-year-old was in tears after being banned from school photo for hairstyle.Little 4-year-old Marcella Marino told her daddy, professional hairstylist Marcello Marino, to make her look like a princess for her school photo. Her father obliged, and fashioned the girl’s long blond hair into a bun resembling a hair bow, a look Lady Gaga had worn back in 2009. The excited girl ended up in tears after arriving at school and being told she could not be in her class photograph because her hairstyle violated the school’s dress code. (Source)
I've never understood the whole deal with "dress codes" at schools. Perhaps because we never had any where I grew up. From what I understand, the father knew very well that he sent his daughter to a school with a strict dress code and I think he should have understood that the hairdo could be too much. On the other hand, parents are not perfect and can't think of it all. Either way, it's sad that schools have systems that in a way "bully" students who want to express personality. It's not as if the poor girl showed up with Kiss make-up...

My son have experienced something similar, at a school that have no dress code that I've ever heard of. He's a metalhead with long hair studs and all. There have never been any problems when it comes to how he dress, until it was time for the school photo. Some of the other students in the class decided on a dress code for the photo and he refused to "monkey up" since it's not his style. It all ended with him not being allowed on the school photo. The photo in it self doesn't matter to him, but it annoys him, and me, that a few can have the power to bully others to do what they want them to do. 

Isn't it a basic human right to have the right to be yourself?

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