Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's storming outside.

Well, maybe not storming but close to it. It's a good reason for me to not go out and I plan on poking my laptop for the rest of the day. The CYOA is calling for me and I think I will attempt to finish it. Writing in second person narrative is not my thing and how to manage it in the CYOA bothered me for a while. Then I got the (if I may say so myself) great idea of making "You" a being that is mostly a spectator that sees things through the eyes of another person. Every now and then "You" have choices to make, as it works in a CYOA, but the story itself is told in third person.

There is still a problem. I keep mixing the tense up. Sometimes it's present tense and sometimes it's past tense. I think I'm doing it because "You" are following "This" person, and you see and experience what he or she is seeing and doing. You are there when it happens, present tense, but I'm still telling the story. And then there is that part that says "show don't tell" again. I think it will haunt me for the rest of this year, or longer.

I'm using Hero Machine 3 alpha to make the characters. It's quick and easy to make one and even easier to make changes if needed. It's better than the old versions of Hero Maker because of the easy to use functions where you can change size and shape of the character. I  pop the finished images into PSP to make backgrounds and correct minor flaws and then they are set to go. My characters don't need to look professional since this is something that I'm doing for fun, but the Hero Machine still makes them look really good. =)

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