Friday, April 1, 2011

Show, don't tell.

I'm good at telling stories, at the kitchen table. My husband claims that I have a million faces and the way I speak with my whole body often amuses him. I also use the tone of my voice as well as verbal, often dialectal, expressions to tell the story.

Writing is another animal entirely. I still "tell" the story but without the "action" of my voice and body language and the story falls flat. I've been Googling and reading advice on how to do it in writing and I'm still struggling. At times if feels as if I've met my nemesis and I feel like giving up. (Though, that might be my fever talking.)

It's somewhat easy to show when I write dialogue, but it's a terror when I have big hunks of text with no dialogue in it and still need to show instead of telling. I know I don't have to "show" it all, there are things that's better if told, but it's still a pain in the rear.

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