Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring is in the air...

"Jänkarna", that's the old american cars, are rolling again after the winter and I'm all sentimental. I spent much time cruising when I was young and so did my husband. I never owned a car, I don't even have a drivers licence, but he had a couple of "jänkare" before he met me. Did the car matter when I went on a date? Well...let's put it like this ... I dated the car and the chauffeur was part of the deal. ;o)
Jerry Willams and rockabilly music was also part of the deal and I've been to many concerts with him over the years. He's been rocking it since 1962 and went on tour with a little, hardly known band, named The Beatles in 1963. Now he's 71 years old and he's still rocking it as if he owns it.

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