Saturday, May 4, 2013

Working on a new MOD

I'm a Legend of Grimrock fan. It's my kind of game. World of Warcraft and such games just doesn't have "it". Perhaps because my first favourite game was Dungeon Master. My husband and I had just moved together, we didn't have a desk so the amiga stood on the kitchen table in the tiny apartment that we rented. I played through the game so many times that I still can walk through it and find the secrets without having to think twice.

I've played fan made Dungeon Master maps for a couple of years now. I've loved it and I've wished that I could do it myself. I never figured it out, but the Legend of Grimrock editor has taken me to my dream. My first MOD, Master Arrak's Treasure, was never mean to go public. My plan was to learn how to do it and have some fun, but my son sort of expected me to publish it and on that way it all went.

I'm now working on a new MOD with the work name "underworld". That will change though since I think it should have a better and more descriptive name.

Some of the things I've been working on:
 A custom door for a shrine I've made.
 Moved walls and ceiling for some old narrow sewers.
And a bunch of mini critters such as the ceiling crawling scavenger.

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