Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas?

Christmas Card by Jenny Nyström
It's that time of year again...
I wouldn't say that I hate Christmas but I'm very tired of it. It's been years since I had any holiday feelings that were of the positive kind, and this year it's even worse. We're all ill and that means that it's up to me to make all the food and preparations. Cancelling Christmas feels like a great idea right now.

It doesn't help that my doctor changed my medications last week either. She removed all my painkillers and substituted them for painkillers that doesn't work. Brilliant idea for the holidays.

Well, there is something good about this Christmas. It's the first time in many years that I haven't had to buy my own presents. This year I even got things that I'm happy about. A new cellphone is at the top of the list.

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