Monday, December 26, 2011

World building I did as a child

I was 4 years old when I started building my first world and now I've decide to recreate it.

First there were mountains and volcanoes. I can't remember the sun ever being behind the mountains and I've decided it's because they were to the north. Lava fields spread from the mountain range and down into the desert. There were small mountains sticking up out of the lava and close to the desert there was a small volcano. That's where my characters lived. The volcano was a fake, a clever way of hiding from the enemy. Inside of it was a castle like building where the characters lived and had fun.

The rocky desert had no sand dunes. In the middle of it there was an oasis where my characters sometimes hid from the enemy. A river passed the fake volcano and then it faded into the desert. There were mountains in the desert and the river or water from other sources could be found if you dug into the ground there.

To the west there was a city located on green fields. The city was crowded and dirty. There was a jail, a stone building with iron bars in the windows. The prisoners where held in the basement where the barred windows where up by the roof. My characters often ended up in there and they would look out those windows and watch the birds in the sky.

South of the city were the high mountains where there were precious stones and metals that could be found in deep dangerous mines. The dwarves who lived there also made good quality weapons and armours.

At the far south there was a jungle. Lush and green with strange plants and animals in it. I didn't  know anything about strange plants and I imagined my grandmothers plants there.

To the east of the desert there were woods. Small lakes, rivers and big trees. My characters built tree houses, real big houses, and the built huts to live in. They would also rob rich people who travelled through the woods, just like Robin Hood did. That's why they needed the volcano hideout and often ended up in jail.


How I know I was four years old when I built the world? We moved to the city then. I dislike the city very much and that's how the city appeared in my world, as a prison. The Volcano hideout, in the dark, was my dream escape while the woods was a symbol for "home", the place where I grew up. The desert, the high mountains and the jungle were are scary as well as amazing places of exploration. Places I connected the real world to as I experienced more and more.

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