Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Volcano in My First World

I've made an image based on how I remember the volcano hideout that I created when I was 4 years old. the entrance was hidden and there were several tunnels that led in and out too. The bottom floor was for storage and animals. Since I grew up on a farm I couldn't imaging a good place to live without animals in it. The next floor was the great hall where my characters would eat, play and have important meetings. The centre of the volcano is open and light, as well as rain, would come down through the hole. The next to floors had rooms and bedrooms. All rooms had small windows where you could look out and make sure that no one was coming to the volcano. At the top floor there was a garden with both flowers and fruits.

I had two characters that was "I". One was a good girl named Maria. She was princess like and liked to bake, cook and take care of everyone else. The other was Fiddledee a tomboy that went on adventures and got into trouble. She's the one who often ended up in the city jail where she had to struggle to escape.

There were other kids there too, mostly boys, but they were most often created after what I needed at that time. One older buy was often in the stories I created. He was good, safe and strong and he helped me when I was in trouble. I can't remember what I named him, even though I'm certain that he did have a name.

All the bad guys and enemies were adults. The sheriff and his men that would put us in jail and the bandits who tried to rob us in the high mountains were all large and scary men. The spirits of the forest and the witches of the desert were all female, ugly and terrifying to look at.

Now I struggle to remember some of the adventures I created since it would be fun to write one down. It wouldn't be exactly the same as then of course, but I'd use the same story line and idea as I did as a child.

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