Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suddenly it happens...

The Surrogate - Patricia Piccini
I like images and photos and I admit that I do the "right-click" every now and then without remembering to write down the source. Even though there are reverse search engines such as Tineye it's still very difficult to find the source of images that's not watermarked and I have been looking for some for years now.

Last year during the Swine Flu Hysteria there was an image that was circulated through email as a joke about what could happen if you got the swine flu. The creature on the image was so fascinating that I saved the image and started looking for the source, but I found nothing. Yesterday I was mindlessly sapping through the WebEcoist (a favourite time waster) and I stumbled over a photo of a creature that seemed to have been created by the same artist, and there was link. Bingo! I now know the source. =) The artists name is Patricia Piccini and the backside of the creature is even freakier than the front side. You'll find the creature under the tab that says "Nature's Little Helpers" and then "The Surrogate".

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