Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet the meat =)

The meat is hanging for now, and my mind is full with ideas about what I can do with it. This year I'm taking a closer look at how the butchers in the US and the UK cut and use the meat since it's slightly different from how we do it. Most of all I want it to be quick and simple to cut and I don't mind cooking it longer.

I'm still a "food hoarder" and I don't want anything to go to waste. This year we don't have any dogs to feed with the left overs and I'm still wondering about what I can do with it. Mom has a fox that drops by her garden now and then and I'm wondering if we can feed it with the "dog food" this winter.

One thing is for sure, I love my meat and I love the fact that I know that the animal have had a happy free-range life. The meat bought at a store never taste as good and I'm worried about how the animal lived and was treated. Now I wish I knew someone who could help raise a couple of hens and chickens too... =P

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