Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why happy *or* fat?

Last year I read that my home town had the happiest people in the nation. Great! It's an amazing town to live in and I've never regretted that I moved here.
A couple of months later they reported that my home town are at the top ten of the fattest town in the nation. The local newspaper made a whole reportage series  about ow fat and miserable the citizens are.

So... we're happy at the same time as we are fat and miserable?

Now there has been a study on the whole nation and ... "Swedes feels better but have become fatter."

Once again people are happy at the same time as they are fat. It's absolutely terrible the newspapers report. "In two years the number of obese Swedes increased by 2 percentage points to 36 percent."

Why can't people be happy and fat? What's so wrong with being happy even though you are fat too?

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