Tuesday, April 23, 2013

H&M again.

H&M Homepage
The seamstress at the Cambodian textile factories - where H & M makes purchases, has gotten worse conditions. Despite the action program, the working conditions remain poor. A new report reveals child labour and lower wages. - It is written, how long we can visit the toilet. If it takes more than five minutes, we get a warning, saying a seamstress to TV4. (Source)
The seamstress real wage has been lowered by 16% since year 2000 and is expected to drop by 30% by next year. H&M does not answer questions about why the workers are getting worse conditions rather than better though H&M knows it's an issue and refers to their homage.

The article also says that H&M is not alone in the import of clothes from Cambodia, though they are the largest importer (in Sweden). I'd like to know who the others are. It's not OK no matter who does it.

As for H&M, a pretty homepage with good looking claims does not change the reality that the workers in Cambodia is treated terribly. They claim that they as a company is "Councious" and that "our vision is that all business operations shall be run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable". To know about a problem and not doing something to fix it does not fit in that picture.

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