Thursday, July 5, 2012


My husband moves around with the amazing speed of a tortoise, on a good day. After walking in to the wall last year I'm not much faster, though I do have sudden outbursts of activity now and then. One such outburst happened the other day when I started cleaning the garage.

 ... I shouldn't have done that. Well, I should have, but I wish I could claim ignorance and ignore what I found. A leak in one corner that has been there for a good while, it's been years since I saw that corner last. Mould on, and in, the boxes that we had there and a smell that kinda says it all. We have to tear down the wall linings and probably much of the wall too.

By "we" I mean "I". My husband can't go into the garage, at best he can come and visit by standing out side looking in. Maybe. This will take me months to go through and fix and I'm tired from simply thinking about it. Insurance? Probably not. My father did an improvised "fix it" thing on the garage many years ago and the insurance won't cover it if it's his "fix it" that caused it. =/

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