Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's wrong with reality (2) - Studio retouched handicapped woman

Once again I have to wonder what's wrong with reality. This time it's a woman, Lisa Wainonen, that needed a new photo for an ID card. The photographer was not satisfied with the photo because her smile was crooked. She explained that it's a handicap that she have lived with for 15 years, facial nerve paralysis, and that it's how she look. Then when she got the photos for the ID she found that the studio had sent her both real photos and a retouched version.
- They have no right to determine what is normal. If I had 20 kilograms overweight, would they have taken it away just because it is not ideal? Lisa Wainonen says. (Source)
 The studio says they are sorry and that they thought she'd be happy about the retouched version of herself.

I can understand that studios do retouches when the customer specifically ask for it, but this was way out of line. Personally I wouldn't like that someone removed the traits that makes me who I am when I'm buying ID photos. Doesn't it go against the whole idea of ID cards?

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