Monday, April 16, 2012

Velcro Love

One of the reasons why I suffer from exhaustion syndrome is the way my husband cling on to me. I call it Velcro Love. He's not glued to me, but he has a very hard time letting go. It's not his fault (it started after the stroke) and I don't blame him for it, but it is tearing me down one bit at the time.

I thought going on a vacation would help since he's started going to rehabilitation now. I'd come home rested and then he'd be away three days a week, giving me some room to breathe.
It didn't turn out that way.

I did come home rested. However, I have a cold that broke out the first day at home and I keep coughing through the nights. I'm so tired. My husband was at rehabilitation the day I got home, then he's been at home. The first day and the second day he had a cold. I never saw any signs of a cold, but what do I know. Today he pulled a muscle and couldn't go because of that. I thought rehabilitation would be the perfect place to be when in pain, they have physical therapists that can help with the pain and teach him how to deal with it. However, he called in sick and stayed in bed.

In my eyes it's another case of Velcro Love. I've been away for too long and now he can't leave me, even if it would be for his (and my) best.

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