Thursday, April 12, 2012

Science is not a matter of belief

The first time I heard about people in the US wanting creationism to be taught in schools, I thought it was a joke. No one can be that stupid. Right?

Sometimes it hurts more to be wrong than other times. This is not about a few stupid and fanatic individuals, this  is about a group of people, large enough to have influence over what is taught in schools. The children is th future and they want to build the future on lies.

Law allows creationism to be taught in Tennessee public schools 
A bill that allows Tennessee public school teachers to teach alternatives to mainstream scientific theories such as evolution will become law this month after the governor refused to sign or veto the measure, The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss reports.Supporters of the law say its goal is to encourage healthy skepticism among students. “Critical thinking, analysis fosters good science,” Robin Zimmer, a biotechnology consultant and affiliate of a creationist organization, wrote in the Nashville Tennessean in March.But critics say the true goal of what they call “the monkey bill” is made clear by the list of subjects that could be challenged by teachers during class, including global warming and evolution. The bill is a “permission slip” for schools “to bring creationism, climate-change denial and other non-science into science classrooms,” Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education, told Nature magazine. (Source)
It's easy to educate students about the difference between science and belief without actually teaching beliefs such as creationism. The teachers can teach the students how to know the difference between fact and fiction just as they can teach the kids the difference between Napoleon and Forest Gump.

It's sad to see that insanity rules over sanity in some parts of the US. This way of thinking is what holds people down and keep them chained in the gutter. This way of thinking is what have caused much pain and suffering all around the world for millenniums. This way of thinking should not be a part of a modern and civilized society since we, as humans, know so much better by now.

If you want to teach your kids about critical thinking then don't teach your kids creationism, teach them about creationism and how it compares to scientific fact.

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