Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bending the Truth

My husband is wearing me down and I have few defences. In my mind I think of him as a needy child that can't be away from "mommy". Clingy, needy and demanding.
The other day he hurt his back and he could barely walk. He diagnosed himself with a "pulled muscle" and I muttered about all the times he have misdiagnosed himself. I wanted him to go to his rehabilitation so that they could help him, but he refused, he had to rest. (A normal day's activity consist of getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, kitchen and office, then sleeping in the armchair. Hard work to rest from.) Yesterday he finally went to rehab and he came back home saying that he has a lumbago. I'm not surprised, he's been in so much pain that I had to help him get dressed one day. What surprised me was what he claims that his physiotherapist said that he have to rest a lot and stay away from physical activity. That's the opposite of what I was told when I had a lumbago and also the opposite of any advice I can find online.

I think he's bending the truth. I'm guessing that the  physiotherapist said that it was best to rest when the pain is as worst, during the first days. He's turned that to fit "always" since he wants to stay at home and rub my nerves instead. *sigh*

Part of the office
He also denies having a problem with compulsive hoarding, his collecting is normal behaviour and he's not buying too much on online auctions. I keep telling him that if it wasn't for me cleaning up now and then he'd have the house full of trash. He counters by telling me that it's not trash, it's collectables. He's right in a way, some of the things he "collect" could possibly have a value to someone else, but much of it have no value. Once again he's bending the truth to apply to it all instead of parts of it. I've decided that I've lost the battle about the office and I no longer go there. Every little space is cluttered, even the floor, and I can't even get to my computer that's in there any more. The rest of the house is still a battlefield and I'm loosing ground.

I love him, but there are days when I want to move out and have a home of my own. A home where I don't have to mommy him and struggle to keep his "collectables" from drowning me.

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