Friday, January 7, 2011

I guess that I expect too much...

The holidays has been upon us and that means on thing for certain, there is nothing worth watching on TV. No matter what channel I switch to there is only junk to watch, junk and reruns. We rented a stack of DVDs to have something to watch and... it's all junk.

I worked at a movie theatre when I was young and I watched at least two movies a week and when I sopped working there I still watched a lot of movies that we rented and watched at home. I can't remember that I ever thought that a large part of it was junk. It was fun and entertaining or dull and I didn't get the point but still well made, well, most of it was anyways.

I'm guessing that I had lower expectations back then but it still feels sad that the "movie magic" and entertainment has turned into utter frustration and not much more than that.

Is this what it is like to grow old?

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